Deputy Parrish [ and the burning Sheriff’s car ] in the Teen Wolf Season 4 Mid-Season Promo

Is he a phoenix?


a little love story about mermaids and tattoos


Maybe Jeff is butthurt over us criticizing how shitty his writing is so he got joy from shitting over some of ours



There should be an app where you enter your OTPs. When you’re out and about and you get close to another person who likes one of your OTPs, your phones both vibrate. Then you make eye contact and nod stealthily. 

Seriously, though. The first fan with tech-savvy enough to get something like this up and running is going to be a gazllionaire. Go for it, girl or dude or anything else. We’re all rooting for you.

fog over (click pic) dubai (photographed by bjoern lauen and chloratine), shanghai (wei gensheng), chicago (steve raymer and bob gaudet), london (mpsinthesky), vancouver (andy clark), and new york (girish tewani)